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Welcome to the 2023 rebel x 440 City2Surf Official Training Program, powered by adidas. Join us, as we help novice and intermediate runners get ready for the world’s biggest fun run, Sydney’s iconic City2Surf.

As experts in the Eastern Sydney running community, The 440 have designed a 12 week program to prepare runners for the unique 14km course that stretches from Hyde Park to Bondi Beach. With three four-week phases, the program is a mix of running, interval training, conditioning, rest & recovery exercises for both the beginner and intermediate runner. Naturally, attending the full 12 week course is ideal, but you can pick up training at Phase 2 or 3 if needed.

Meet the 440
Born from a belief that a healthy mind follows a healthy body, Sydney locals Todd Liubinskas and Trent Knox created The 440 Running Club to bring like-minded people together. For the last 8 years, they have fostered an inclusive community of hundreds who gather each week in Bondi to walk, run, shuffle or skip, side by side with friends. 
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