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We’ve partnered with Fit Finder to help you find your best fit.

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How it works

Fit Finder takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect size online.

1. Click on Find My Size on the product page.

2. Tell us your fit preferences.

Fit Finder

3. Receive a personalized size recommendation!

Fit Finder


Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Fit Finder?
Fit Finder is an easy-to-use size advisor that recommends the right size for apparel and footwear shoppers.

Who is Fit Finder for?
Fit Finder is for anyone seeking size advice to find the perfect fit online. If a garment is not available in your ideal size, Fit Finder will either recommend other garments that are sure to fit well, or notify you that your size is not available.

How does Fit Finder recommend sizes?
Fit Finder compares you to other shoppers who entered similar size-related information (height, weight, age, etc) and finds the size that was most often kept and not returned for fit-related reasons.

Which products can I use Fit Finder on?
Fit Finder is available for tops, bottoms, and shoes. Fit Finder can’t be used on accessories.

Why is age required?
Age has an impact on how your weight is distributed. Knowing your age helps us recommend the right size.

How do I edit my inputs in Fit Finder?
To edit your inputs, simply go into Fit Finder and click on "My Info" on the top right. To view our Privacy Policy, click here