Got a question about rebel active?

Here are some of the more common questions answered:

What is rebel active?

rebel active is our loyalty program, which rewards our customers for coming into store. Our members receive ongoing discounted member pricing, chances to win instant prizes, information about all latest promotional specials and invitations to special member only events.

I am currently a Season Pass member. Are you asking me to sign up again?

No, simply stay tuned for more exciting rewards & member benefits

Is there a joining fee?

There are no joining fees; it’s free to join the program.

Who is eligible to join?

Everyone is eligible to join.

I have signed up online – are you sending me my card?

No. You don’t need a card as your details are in our POS. We can issue you with a card in-store if you’d like one.

I received an activation SMS but it says my email is already in use – what do I do now?

An account already exists with this email address. Please follow the ‘forgot password’ URL to retrieve your password.

The link in the email is not working

You may have security enabled via your email client. Please review this or call our customer service team on 1300 570 106.

How do I place an order for a member discount?

If the product has a promotional price attached, you will receive the discount upon checkout either in-store or online.

There are no instructions on how to place a member order.

You would need to login to the website with your member/account details before placing your order. This will ensure your order is placed as a member order..

How do I know what member offers are available to me?

If you have opted in for communication, you will receive updates of the upcoming and current monthly offers. These are also advertised in store and online at

Can I change when or if I want to receive communication?

Yes – This will be available on your member login page, through You can also ring the Customer Service line (1300 570 106).

How do I become a rebel active Member?

There are three ways to join the program. They are:
• In Store
• Going Online or
• Filling out a Take One pack and sending to back via reply paid post.

Do I need an email to join up?

We encourage all our members to have email address as the main form of communication is via email; With-out an email address you may be excluded from a number of promotions.

Which rebel stores participate in the rebel active program?

All Australian rebel stores participate in the program, including our online store

Can I sign up an additional cardholder to my rebel active membership?

You are eligible to sign up a partner or one other family member as a secondary card owner. You will receive two cards (a large card and smaller key card) after your application has been given or sent through to our Loyalty team.

What happens if I lose or damage my card?

If you lose or damage your card, we will replace it for you free of charge. There are three ways to receive a new card. They are:
• In Store
• Going Online to and login to your members page
• Calling our Customer Service Line (1300 570 106)

How do I contact the rebel active team?

You can contact us through our Customer Service Line on 1300 570 106.